STEP For A Better World Leo Club met with First Grade Winner Varuni Shiraguppi, Second Grade Winner Ruthik Vuppala, and Fourth Grade Winner Parth Sharma. Thank you to Aayansh Bhakta, kindergarten winner for shipping their artwork. Thank you to the third and fifth grade winners (Divyadarshini & S. Thiyakshwa) for entering and unfortunately could not submit artwork due to covid-19 pandemic issues. We also would like to thank Plainsboro Recreational Center for working with us on this Earth Day Project. Thank you to Jessica Cortese, Leonard Celluro, Suann Hung, and AnnaMarie Leiggi for helping make this happen by letting us showcase the artwork at the rec center! Thank you to Project Lead Nimeesh Sharma, Advisors Jessica and Gloria Shah, VP Caryn Hong, Photographer Ariya Bawa, and President Ananya Udyaver for being present to congratulate the winners