From now until February 9th, STEP For A Better World LEO Club will be holding our Valentine’s Day Fundraiser. This year, we are selling: - Valentine's Themed Chocolate Boxes: $7 - Mini Valentine's Themed Chocolate Heart Shaped Boxes: $2 - Dog Themed Valentine's Chocolate Box: $2 - Valentine's Themed Mugs with Candy: $4 - PEZ Valentine's Themed Candy Dispensers: $3 All orders come free with 1 card and a choice of 5 designs. Please place your pre-orders using the form linked to the QR code above or the link ( Please note this is a pre-order form, so all orders must be placed before February 9th for pickup before the 13th. Payment will be through STEP’s website ( through the “donate now” button. Please reach out to us to schedule a pickup date! All proceeds will support STEP’s future initiatives. Please let us know of any questions or concerns! Spread the word! Email us at: