On December 21st, STEP For A Better World LEO Club members organized all 1,183 toys. Thank you to Toys for Tots/US Marine Corps Reserve for picking up the toys. We exceeded all of our goals thanks to Project Leads Assistant Photographer LEO Tejas Jadar and LEO Gurneel Batra. Thank you to the following for attending the drop off: LEO Advisor Lion Jessica Shah, LEO-Lion Mentor Pranav Joshi, President LEO Aditya Davanam, Vice President LEO Riddhima Koka, Secretary LEO Veer Desai, Health and Environmental Chairman LEO Saketh Muppana, Head Photographer LEO Aditya Mohapatra, Assistant Graphic Designer LEO Vaibhav Borra, Social Media Manager LEO Anika Bawa, Project Lead Gurneel Batra, LEO Ariya Bawa, LEO Shaurya Paul, LEO Olivia Swarup, LEO Shinaya Jain, LEO Anikait Sengupta, LEO Avighna Tirumala, LEO Aidar Nurtayev, Volunteer Ishaan Joshi, and Volunteer Hadi Saleem. Again, this would not have been possible without our members, donors, community, @westwindsorpba271 @costco @target